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Michael Russell & Mike M Study Group Leader

If you live in or around Star chances are you know people who are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). Michael Russell was a member of the LDS church for 41 years before giving his life to Christ at LifeSpring Christian Church in April 2021. He will co-teach with Mike Maglish – one of the LifeSpring Christian Church pastors.  

This class meets over a 3 successive week span with the purpose of learning more about what that Mormon Church teaches/believes and how to build relationship bridges with them for the sake of sharing Christ with them.  

Childcare Can Be Made Available at $5/child/class – Simply let us know you’ll need childcare when you register.  

Two words that can describe this group are INFORMATIVE and LOVING

This class is free. You can Register for this class at the church or online HERE


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