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Rahab - Faith Is Letting Go Of The Familiar

April 25, 2021

Series: radical faith

Do you feel stuck? Do you wish your faith were in high gear?

Letting go of the familiar sounds so simple, yet it can be so hard. Yet it’s one of the biggest things necessary for growth. It’s something we learn from the life of Rahab.

Imagine being known as “Rahab the Prostitute” all the days of your life. Rahab had the faith it took to let go of what she knew. She made a commitment to a couple of Jewish spies, and honored their God (Yahweh) in the process. Her commitment allowed for she and her family to escape Jericho when the walls came tumbling down.

In the end, Rahab became part of the lineage of Jesus. God used a prostitute to change the course of history!

Let go of the familiar to embrace something much bigger, much better – A Radical Faith!