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  • June 27, 2021

    There was a song years ago. “They’ll know you are Christians by our love.” How do we KNOW that kind of love? How do we show it? We need to be asking ourselves, “How can I help someone in need?” If someone needs something from our house, ask us first please, but it’s ours to manage. God owns it, but we just manage it. God loves me unconditionally. So I must love others unconditionally as well. When we see everything belongs to God, then we realize it’s not ours to keep.

  • June 20, 2021

    Speaker: Mike Maglish

    What does it look like to walk with Jesus? This series helps to look at read more…

  • June 13, 2021

    What does Fellowship With God look like? 

    The Apostle John shares with us a stark contrast between light and darkness. In God there is no darkness. It is impossible to live a perfect life, but He does demand of us to live a life that is in the light as He is in the light.  

    In this sermon we find out how important it is for us to live in Fellowship With God. It looks a whole lot like, intimacy. Deeply knowing who God is and what He desires.  

  • June 6, 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Topic: firm foundation , Joy

    Listen, people will do things out of their own selfish desires and they don’t even know it some times. You do, too! But we have the Word of God that we can take time in, and we can listen to people talk about Jesus. We can actually go to the Bible App and look at what Jesus said. And then we can say, “I’m not sure that’s quite right, what you’re saying, Preacher.”

    Foundationally, go to the Bible and open it up! And John is trying to establish with us that he’s about to tell us is true! You can believe it! You can base your life on it!

  • May 30, 2021

    “That is not who you are. That may be what you did. But that is not where you hang you hat.

    You hang your hat on the person of Jesus Christ – who did it right, who did it for you, who lived out the law to perfection. When you were striving to do things right you were getting it wrong. Because it was never about you getting it right. It was never about your best efforts.

    It was always about Jesus!”

  • May 23, 2021

    “May your conversations be filled with salt. That means you’re bringing goodness to the conversation. Quit amping it up. Quit putting each other down. Quit tearing each other down. Quit belittling one another. That doesn’t encourage anybody. That doesn’t do anything for the relationship.

    We’ve got to change the flavor of our conversation.”

  • May 16, 2021

    Speaker: Mike Maglish

    Topic: Emotion , faith

    “I can’t tell you how many times people, when they get in that kind of a funk, they pull away from people who can help them; who can give them biblical counsel, they pull away from their best friends, they pull away from their spouses. The Bible says the Evil One is like a roaring lion, walking around, roaming around seeking home he may devour.

    When we isolate we become easy pickens for the Evil One!”

  • May 9, 2021

    When I say God can do impossible things, how does that sit with you? Do you believe God can and will provide? God has a way of showing God can do impossible things and He uses the womb to show he has power no one else has. He does it repeatedly in Scripture, God opening up wombs. Now He doesn’t always open up wombs. Sometimes that’s not in His Plan. But if He does open up a womb, it’s for a purpose. God opens wombs to show He can do impossible things. But the virgin birth stands alone in Scripture. There’s nothing else like it. It stands alone. God does impossible things!

  • May 2, 2021

    It’s like focusing on the coffee cup. If you’re walking and you focus on the coffee cup, you’ll spill. You’re so focused on not spilling you put your eyes on the cup… and you end up spilling. But if you have your eyes on where you’re going, the coffee doesn’t spill! It’s awesome! When we look at our failures and we dwell on our failures, we fail. But when we look at Jesus…

    This is life in Jesus! He has done all the work! He has forgiven us!

    Don’t focus on your failures. God doesn’t! Why should you?