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Topic: Trust

  • February 5, 2023

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Topic: The Bible, Trust

    Have you ever wondered if the Bible is, in fact, reliable? Trustworthy? If so, you're not alone. The Bible makes unique claims about itself. Is it the Word of God? Can it do what it claims it can do? In this power-packed sermon we hear some "evidences" for the reliability of Scripture. Listen, and find out why you can trust the Bible.

  • May 9, 2021

    Series: radical faith

    When I say God can do impossible things, how does that sit with you? Do you believe God can and will provide? God has a way of showing God can do impossible things and He uses the womb to show he has power no one else has. He does it repeatedly in Scripture, God opening up wombs. Now He doesn't always open up wombs. Sometimes that's not in His Plan. But if He does open up a womb, it's for a purpose. God opens wombs to show He can do impossible things. But the virgin birth stands alone in Scripture. There's nothing else like it. It stands alone. God does impossible things!