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Topic: Repentance

  • February 13, 2022

    Speaker: Dylan Austin

    Topic: Repentance

    Zephaniah is a Minor Prophet of royal blood who teaches us about the Day of the Lord. He uses it to talk about the consequence of sin for Judah.  A remnant will be saved (The humble and the lowly), all through judgement of the wicked.   The truth is, our sins separate us from God. When we know better, and we still sin, we are accountable. God loves us, and he wants to sing over us. Understanding His character shows us His heart.  

  • May 2, 2021

    Series: radical faith

    It's like focusing on the coffee cup. If you're walking and you focus on the coffee cup, you'll spill. You're so focused on not spilling you put your eyes on the cup... and you end up spilling. But if you have your eyes on where you're going, the coffee doesn't spill! It's awesome! When we look at our failures and we dwell on our failures, we fail. But when we look at Jesus... This is life in Jesus! He has done all the work! He has forgiven us! Don't focus on your failures. God doesn't! Why should you?