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Topic: eternal life

  • June 25, 2023

    Series: Misquoted

    "God must've needed another Angel." This is a statement we may hear when someone dies. Particularly, a young child. It's meant to help ease the sadness in the moment. It could be a sweet thought that God thought so much of the individual that He would take them prematurely. But what does the Bible say about us becoming Angels when we die? In this sermon we evaluate where this saying comes from, why we say it, and whether or not it's even biblical. Hint: We do a deep dive in to what Angels actually are and how we could effectively communicate love with people when their loved one passes.

  • June 5, 2022

    Series: Paradox

    Speaker: Mike Maglish

    Topic: eternal life

    Quite possibly the biggest paradox in all of Scripture - You can only win through losing. The Bible clearly teaches us that we need to GIVE UP our life in order to FIND our life. But it just doesn't make sense on the surface. In this sermon, we learn how Jesus' teaching about a seed helps us to better understand what it means to become completely undone so that what remains is so much more productive and fruitful than what began. Alone, we are a singular seed. But when we fall to the earth and die - We produce much fruit. It's a paradox - One that brings life. Isn't it time you LOSE so you can WIN?

  • August 29, 2021

    Have you ever had any moments in your life, moments in your faith, where maybe you've doubted your salvation? You've doubted whether or not you're going to heaven when you die, whether there is life or death? Have you ever wanted a little extra assurance that you're going to go to heaven when you die? That's the first question. And the second question is like it. Are you overburdened and do you ever have moments in your life where you look at the world around you and you think to yourself, "Man, it is just too much! There's just too much going on around me." Does it feel like the world is just too much? John talks about that in this passage. In this sermon we will talk about overcoming the world and we will talk about assurance in our faith, assurance in our salvation.