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Topic: contentment

  • May 28, 2023

    Series: Misquoted

    Philippians 4:13 is one of the most exciting quoted, yet most misunderstood passages in all the Bible.  Popular among athletes, this verse has motivated many people to achieve great things. What if this verse isn't about achievement at all? What if this verse is so much deeper than that? It all comes down to what the words "All things" means. Can we really do ALL THINGS through Christ? We can, but only if we know the secret. In this passage, we learn ALL THINGS is the SECRET and how we can achieve it.

  • April 23, 2023

    Series: Origins

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    If the world was created to be good and perfect...then what in the world happened?! In this sermon, Pastor Tim explores the fall of mankind in Genesis 3 - the original sin. Join us as we dive in to the Word and look at how sin and death entered the world, how our need for a savior in Christ Jesus came to be, and other relevant topics to today's culture such as unease with our bodies and how God created us male and female. Sermon from our livestream on April 23, 2023. Thank you for watching! God bless!

  • January 8, 2023

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    How do you know when you've made enough money? That question is one that has been at the center of so much grief in people's lives. There's no telling what people may be willing to do in their pursuit of just "one more dollar." This sermon teaches us wisdom regarding where our heart goes. Discontentment can destroy. Likewise, we can become "self-sufficient" from a worldly perspective. It is possible to be satisfied with what God has given you. Find out how in this sermon.

  • January 2, 2022

    Speaker: Mike Maglish

    Topic: contentment, money

    What's the emotional response you get when you think of money?  Would you say it's a good feeling or a bad feeling? The feeling you get when you think of money likely indicates the relationship you've had with money to this point.  In this sermon, Mike shares the biblical wisdom about money from the entire counsel of God. It's easy to look at any one verse and take it out of context, or simply not understand it's original intent. It could lead some to hold unhealthy views of money and finances.   However, when you look at the entire counsel of God's Word on the topic of finances, y0u find a holistic, healthy view. What we find is, contentment is key to honoring God with our finances. It's a matter of the heart.