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Topic: Compassion

  • October 16, 2022

    Series: Go & Tell

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    "Jesus Wept" In this sermon we find why these words matter. When we lose a loved one it hurts. In fact, it's hard to imagine experiencing a greater feeling of loss or pain. If Jesus really loves us, why do we have to experience a pain like this? Then we read these words... "Jesus wept." Mary and Martha wondered if Jesus really loved them (and Lazarus). After all, when Jesus heard Lazarus was sick and instead of going straight to Lazarus, he waited 2 more days. In that time, Lazarus had already died. He had been buried in the tomb for 4 days. Did Jesus even care? "Jesus wept." His weeping gives us an insight in to the nature and character of God. Jesus wasn't weeping because he was powerless to do anything. He wept because Mary and Martha were so deeply troubled. What we find next in this story is a proclamation of the power of Jesus. It is evident Mary and Martha knew Jesus could have prevented Lazarus from dying. But, Jesus wanted them know a truth about Him that was far greater. He is the Resurrection and the Life! Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead! In this sermon from John 11 we find how we should respond in death. When others die and when we face death's door. Compassion first... just like Jesus.