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Topic: Anger

  • 1 August 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Topic: Anger , Love

    Remember when you went to your room and you slammed the door (gently because you didn’t want your parents to get made). Or you screamed in to your pillow. You were ANGRY! Well what was making you mad? Well it was that brother of mine! I had two brothers. They made me angry all the time!

    But why was I really angry? It’s really interesting that God asks the question, “Why are your angry?” But we respond by saying, “I’ll tell you WHO made me angry. And that person has a face and a name.”

    So who is it? “Well it’s that husband of mine…” or “It’s that wife of mine…” or “It’s that brother in law of mine…”

    So who is it? And why are they making you angry?

    God’s calling attention tot he WHY, not the who or the what. Because anger is a secondary emotion. There’s something else going on.