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Speaker: Tim Nay

  • 13 September 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    When Jesus ascended to heaven He told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the Promise.  They waited.  They didn’t know how long or what exactly would happen. They just waited because Jesus commanded them to wait. 

    What did they do? They prayed together. 

    We pray for together so the World may know Jesus.

  • 22 August 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Love Reveals Reality. Is it possible to love in an unnatural way? The way the read more…

  • 15 August 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    The word “Love” is used 13 times in this passage. In every occurrence what Greek word do you think is used for the word “love”? Phileo? Eros? No. Agape. Agape is used in every instance in this text.

    Even in addressing them he uses the word “beloved.” This word means, “dearly loved”. In other words, just in how they’re addressed John’s saying you are dearly loved brothers and sisters. “Dearly loved – Listen to what I say about love.”

    What if we saw Christians from other churches as dearly loved. Not saying, “oh they’re from the other church.” But rather, “They are dearly loved children of God.” Do we talk about our brothers and sisters like that?

    Other words that can describe this are cherished or admired. We should see each other just like that.

  • 1 August 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Topic: Anger , Love

    Remember when you went to your room and you slammed the door (gently because you didn’t want your parents to get made). Or you screamed in to your pillow. You were ANGRY! Well what was making you mad? Well it was that brother of mine! I had two brothers. They made me angry all the time!

    But why was I really angry? It’s really interesting that God asks the question, “Why are your angry?” But we respond by saying, “I’ll tell you WHO made me angry. And that person has a face and a name.”

    So who is it? “Well it’s that husband of mine…” or “It’s that wife of mine…” or “It’s that brother in law of mine…”

    So who is it? And why are they making you angry?

    God’s calling attention tot he WHY, not the who or the what. Because anger is a secondary emotion. There’s something else going on.

  • 23 July 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Jesus came to die for you. Abide in that.

    When we abide pressure seems to go away. Then you don’t bring that pressure in to your relationships. You don’t bring that pressure in to your work. Preachers don’t bring the pressure in to their congregation to do, do, do.

    Jesus’ yoke is easy. It’s not about pressure.

  • 4 July 2021

    “It’s not just the Abiding in the Word. It’s the Word of God Abiding in us!

    What do I mean by that?

    James 1:19 says, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”

    Now if I think on that and I dwell on that…. but then when people talk to me I get angry. Well I’ve Abided in the word, but I’ve not allowed the Word of God to Abide in me!

    If I never listen. If I’m quick to anger. I could be all about the Bible, but yet not allow the Bible to be alive in me.”

  • 13 June 2021

    What does Fellowship With God look like? 

    The Apostle John shares with us a stark contrast between light and darkness. In God there is no darkness. It is impossible to live a perfect life, but He does demand of us to live a life that is in the light as He is in the light.  

    In this sermon we find out how important it is for us to live in Fellowship With God. It looks a whole lot like, intimacy. Deeply knowing who God is and what He desires.  

  • 6 June 2021

    Speaker: Tim Nay

    Topic: firm foundation , Joy

    Listen, people will do things out of their own selfish desires and they don’t even know it some times. You do, too! But we have the Word of God that we can take time in, and we can listen to people talk about Jesus. We can actually go to the Bible App and look at what Jesus said. And then we can say, “I’m not sure that’s quite right, what you’re saying, Preacher.”

    Foundationally, go to the Bible and open it up! And John is trying to establish with us that he’s about to tell us is true! You can believe it! You can base your life on it!

  • 23 May 2021

    “May your conversations be filled with salt. That means you’re bringing goodness to the conversation. Quit amping it up. Quit putting each other down. Quit tearing each other down. Quit belittling one another. That doesn’t encourage anybody. That doesn’t do anything for the relationship.

    We’ve got to change the flavor of our conversation.”