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Speaker: Dylan Austin

  • August 7, 2022

    Speaker: Dylan Austin

    Topic: Communion


    Many churches (including LifeSpring) do it every week. But what is it?

    The Apostle Paul tells the church of Corinth to take communion, “In a worthy manner.”

    In this sermon, Dylan guides us through what that means.

    hint: it has LESS to do with repentance and LESS to do with a somber, inward focus and MORE to do with the body of Christ.

  • February 13, 2022

    Speaker: Dylan Austin

    Topic: Repentance

    Zephaniah is a Minor Prophet of royal blood who teaches us about the Day of the Lord. He uses it to talk about the consequence of sin for Judah.  A remnant will be saved (The humble and the lowly), all through judgement of the wicked.  

    The truth is, our sins separate us from God. When we know better, and we still sin, we are accountable. God loves us, and he wants to sing over us. Understanding His character shows us His heart.  

  • September 5, 2021

    Speaker: Dylan Austin

    Before in the Old Testament people had to sacrifice lambs, and go to alters, and go to Priests, and do these things in order to make an atonement for their sin. God sent His son, Jesus, to die in our place. A perfect, pure sacrifice so we don’t have to keep sacrificing.

    His blood is so powerful it covers all your sins of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And not just your sins but every other person in the world who ever was, is now, and will be to come. That is how powerful the blood of Christ is!