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LifeGroup – Faust Group

LifeGroup – Faust Group

Chuck and Mary Faust LifeGroup Leaders

We invite you to join our fun and friendly group to learn and grow together.  Our typical group members will be empty nest or near-empty nest singles and couples. Our first study covers learning about and discussing different religions and how they compare to Christianity. It is a video series entitled Significant Others. The study will help us learn how to build relationships with those who do not know Jesus.  Initially, we will meet in our home, but we will decide many things about how we operate when we get together.  So, if you want to learn, grow, eat, pray, and have fun together – come join us!

Child care is currently not offered for this LifeGroup. 

Two words that describe this group are LOVE and LEARN.

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When you fill out this form the LifeGroup leader will contact you. You will have an opportunity to find out more information about this LifeGroup and get signed up!

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