Welcome to LifeGroups.  One of the best way to grow in God is by growing together with others. Right now we have some great groups starting up and this would be a good time for you to get involved. Please take time to see if a group looks interesting to you.

If you need help getting connected please feel free to contact the office (629-2001, Mon.-Thurs. 9 am to 5 pm) or come by the church (174 N. Star Rd). We would love to help you.


“Sermon Alignment” = a LifeGroup (small group) consisting of prayer, snacks/meal, fellowship, and studying the “Following Jesus Together” sermon topic of the previous Sunday morning service with four life-changing questions:

  1. What do we learn about Jesus in this story?
  2. What is Jesus teaching the disciples?
  3. What is Jesus teaching you personally?
  4. How can you disciple people as Jesus did in this story?


LIFE GROUPS –  Meeting Now


  • Sermon Alignment- Sun., 6:30pm, 11413 W. Water Birch, Star – Steve Mehlberg 898-4775
  • Sermon Alignment- Thurs., 7:00pm, 11872 W. Blake St., Star – Ken Vose 631-0359
  • Sermon Alignment- day and time TBD, Meridian – Larry Burford 921-4028
  • Sermon Alignment- Wed., 7:00pm at LifeSpring begins Oct. 5th – Tim Nay 841-3116
  • Sermon Alignment- day and time TBD, Young Adults, Zach Zahller 307-272-8311


  • Monthly Breakfast- 2nd Sat./month, 8:00am, LifeSpring – Marlin Antrim 995-1092
  • Men’s Issues-Tues., 7:00pm, LifeSpring, Matt deTour 305-9015
  • Sermon Alignment- Thurs., 7:00pm, LifeSpring, Tom Holman 440-1826


  • Power in Prayer- Thurs., 3:00pm, LifeSpring, Bernice Wethers 695-6940
  • Let.It.Go. book study- Thurs., 7:00pm, 210 N. Center St., Star Aryn Davis 954-3058